ITF019: Dream home for RV’rs, and more trailer reviews

inthefieldpodcast-300x300This is In The Field Camping Episode 19.  In this episode we discussed considerations for stick-and-brick homes for part-time and full-time RV’rs.  Then it was on to talking about smaller trailers, like teardrops and a-frames.  A special mention (and thanks!) goes out to Christina at where she shares her stories and pictures of her teardrop trailer.

We also shared our first trailer buying experience, which also turned unexpectedly into a tow vehicle buying experience.  Mentioned RollinOnTV YouTube Channel, t@b trailers, and A-Liner trailers.

Our YouTube Channel has the added benefit of different original music mixed within the episodes.  On this episode, that music is put directly into the podcast version of the show.  On this show, songs include the show title music “Key To Me”, “Broken Heart”, and “Get Out Of My Head”.

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