In The Field Camping is a website and podcast about camping/RV’ing, campground and equipment reviews, and the camping/outdoor lifestyle – including hiking, geocaching, etc.  The site is run by, and the podcast is hosted by, Chris Rodriguez.

The podcast comes out intermittently during the camping season, which is around March-October.  Chris uses a Zoom H2 recorder to get the sounds of nature, and does minimal editing and uploading from a standard laptop/PC using the Audacity editor.  We camp in a travel trailer currently, but previously had a hybrid trailer and a tent.

The name In The Field comes from the practice of only recording the podcasts while “in the field” actually camping.  Hence the motto: “if we’re not camping, we’re not recording.”

We also update this website (as well as Facebook and Twitter) with updates involving or affecting camping/RV’ing, including forest fire updates.

Thanks for all the visits and downloads!  If you’re interested in something in particular let us know.

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  1. I wondered if you would be interested in talking with a hammock specialist as it is a type of camping that is increasing in popularity? If so, I would love to introduce you to Marc Bohman with a one-sheet information sheet that I can email to you. Recently, Marc was on the n2backpacking podcast talking about tips and tricks to hammock camping. Here is the link if you would like to listen:http://n2backpacking.com/episode-43-the-hammock/
    Please note that his topics can be more broad than this. Thanks so much for your consideration!

  2. Bryan Snyder says:

    Dear Chris Rodriguez,

    This is Bryan Snyder, an outdoor adventure author who recently came across your podcast while drifting through the iTunes corridors.  I know you focus on the paid-campsite/car/RV camping lifestyle, but if you wanted to dip into the free-camping-on-public-lands topic, I’d be happy to appear as a guest interviewee on your podcast. I wrote a book last year – “Renegade Car Camping: A Guide to Free Campsites and the Ultimate Road Trip Experience”, which might greatly interest your listeners.

    In addition, I’ll be putting out my third book of outdoor adventure tales at the end of the month: “Falling Off The Map: Fifty-Four Explorations into the Wildest Reaches of the American West”. Featuring plenty of bears, cliffs, storms and mosquitoes, my stories are all about pushing the boundaries of distance and daylight until the variables threaten to overwhelm me. 

    I’d be happy to send you a copy of either book for review, if you like.  My Amazon author page is at http://www.amazon.com/Bryan-Snyder/e/B00IVAFPQA/ and my personal web pages are http://www.facebook.com/offthemapbooks and http://www.offthemapbooks.com.

    Thanks for your time, and safe travels!

    All the best,

    — Bryan

    Santa Barbara, CA

    • Thanks for stopping by. Maybe we can work out a audio clip of you talking about your books that I can integrate into an episode. At the very least I’ll be including your post and your information in my next episode. Thanks!

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