ITF020: The Magic Bullet and the Power Pot

inthefieldpodcast-300x300This is In The Field Camping Episode 20.  In this episode we talked about a couple of devices that could come in handy when camping, RV’ing, and hiking.  The Magic Bullet blender ( and the PowerPot  rechargeable cooking pot (   We wrap the show with a couple camping related jokes.

Here are links to some of the videos referenced in the show:
Magic Bullet infomercial Pt 1
Magic Bullet infomercial Pt 2
Magic Bullet infomercial parody
Magic Bullet review by “Cooking With Jack”
BlendHappy YouTube Channel
Survival Podcasting PowerPot video

Our YouTube Channel has the added benefit of different original music mixed within the episodes.  On this episode, that music is put directly into the podcast version of the show.  On this show, songs include the show title music “Key To Me”, as well as “Get Out Of My Head”, “A Year To Remember” and “Take It To The Grave”.  

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In The Field Camping Podcast with Chris Rodriguez is a podcast that is literally recorded “in the field” while camping at various campgrounds. If we’re not camping, we’re not podcasting! We review campgrounds and camping equipment, suggest tips and advice, and go on camping-related soapbox rants. If you have any questions or comments, leave a voicemail (720)440-1080 or email

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