Our new YouTube Channel, and Season 2 returns April 9th

Season 2 of In The Field Camping Podcast returns on Tuesday April 9th!  New shows have been recorded and edited, and new ones are being written – as long as the strange Colorado weather doesn’t hamper camping activities.  A few days after the first camping trip we had quite a dumping of snow – and the trailer had to be partially RE-winterized after being DE-winterized – a first.

In addition to this new website, we now have a YouTube channel and will be making new videos as well as adding videos from others that are relevant to what we talk about.

Thanks for the consistently high downloads even during the winter!  We finally picked up a couple stubborn states (Alaska and Montana, two states not really known for outdoors or camping??) but are still waiting on Maine and North Dakota to get on the ITF bandwagon.  So, 48 down (plus District of Columbia) and two to go.  As far as our worldwide reach, we’re up to 37 countries with Peru and Portugal the latest to download our show.

Based on the listenership, both in numbers and locations, we’re trying to broaden the appeal of the podcasts and not be local only in coverage.  You’ll probably notice a slight change in the format of the podcasts, they are already running longer and have a more “personal” feeling to them – less scripted, more off the cuff, slightly less structured and more freeform.

Thanks for listening, your continued support keeps us going upward and onward.

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2 Responses to Our new YouTube Channel, and Season 2 returns April 9th

  1. Mark Carrara says:

    While I can only camp a few times a year, and lately not even that much. I really enjoy your show. I don’t think you need to change the format that much, coverage of mainly CO is fine. I would like more of the slice of life type commentary.

    I know doing a podcast can be draining, even my blog is not updated regularly enough. Please don’t give it up, I searched for a while for an audio podcast on camping/outdoor recreation until I found yours.

    BTW I did notice a difference in the sound this first episode over last. I thought it was a new mic, but it could be the Zoom recorder. I would like to know how that holds up over a season of outdoor use. I was thinking of getting one to record natural sounds for background in some video projects I would like to do.


    • Thanks for the comments Mark. You’ll probably notice the “slice of life” type of commentary more this season compared to last, been making a conscious effort at that. Sometimes I think it might be tough to come up with another shows-worth of material, but then something falls in my lap. The main reason I started it, besides loving camping and the outdoors, was because of what you said: not many others are doing it, and the download numbers still astound me.

      The first couple of shows this season (and I think the first couple last year) were done with the newer H2n recorder, and I’m not sure why it sounds different, because I notice it, too, and not in a good way. Not terrible, just different. The newer H2n is great in-studio with Line-In going into it, but maybe it’s mic’s are too sensitive, not sure. I’ve gone back to the H2 starting on EP18, it’s major fault is picking up interference from my smartphone if it’s within 5 feet. Btw, the Zoom recorder IS the mic, they have front, back, left, right mic sensors within them. They seem to hold up fine, the older H2 I’ve had for about 5 years, used it for most of last years shows, carried around in a backpack probably getting banged around, no problems. I’m sure there are YouTube videos comparing them to each other and other recorders, it’s amazing what they pick up. What comes across on the podcast is stripped down from a massive WAV file down to 128kbps MP3, so some fidelity is lost. Sometimes it picks up things I’d rather it not pick up, like every little sound people 50 yards away are making, or motorcycles, etc.

      Thanks, Chris

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