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As I had previously mentioned in Episode 9, I’m a big fan of FunTreks and their guidebooks.  As a reminder, they make guidebooks and eGuides for four wheel drive trails in the U.S. Southwest.  From their homepage:

HAVE YOU EVER used a 4×4 guidebook and quickly realized the author was never there? Ever wasted all day on a dog of trail because information you found online was just plain wrong? Ever unfolded a map, only to find your trail runs off the edge of the page? If so, then you know why our guidebooks are so popular.

We start by driving many trails, then select only the best. If it’s fun, it goes in our book, if not, the trash. We’re sure you’ll come home with a smile on your face.

We design a custom map for each trail and add precise directions, including GPS waypoints. You can also purchase data cards with tracklogs that match the book. Photos show trouble spots, not just scenery, so you get everyone home safely.

We cover all levels from easy SUV backroads to difficult Jeep trails, as well as trails for ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes. If it’s off-highway fun you seek, you’ve come to the right place.

I have the Guide to Northern Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails and it’s getting a lot of use.  So far I’ve driven #3 Deadman Road, #5 Deadman Lookout,
#6 Cherokee Park/Halligan Reservoir, #14 Long Draw Reservoir Road, #15 Old Flowers Road,  #19 Pingree Park/Monument Gulch, #22 Old Fall River Road, #26 Rock Creek, #59 Rollins Pass West – and parts of a few others.  Some of these can be done in regular 2WD cars, most can’t.

I’ve been to the beginning of some of the “red diamond”, or Difficult, trails – and wondered how anyone or anything got up them or over the boulders, they are truly challenging.  Quite often, especially on weekdays, we’ll be the only ones on these roads/trails.  As a camper and hiker, I really appreciate how the authors point out where these activities are in relation to a trail, including “dispersed camping”.

I can’t recommend these books highly enough, now I just need to retire and in addition to full-time RV’ing/camping, I need to go and explore the hundreds of trails in FunTreks‘ books…except for maybe those red diamond ones, some of them just look nuts!

(This was not a paid advertisement, I just like to share quality products that I’m sure others would enjoy and appreciate – Chris)

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