ITF005: Estes Park Campgrounds, Sun Shower, Tent VS Popup VS Hybrid camping

This is In The Field Camping Podcast Episode 5.

Campground review: Estes Park Campground at East Portal Reservoir

Equipment reviews: Sun Shower

Tips/Opinion:  Finding the right solution – Tent VS Popup VS Hybrid VS TrailManor

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In The Field Camping Podcast with Chris Rodriguez is a podcast that is literally recorded “in the field” while camping at various campgrounds. If we’re not camping, we’re not podcasting! We review campgrounds and camping equipment, suggest tips and advice, and go on camping-related soapbox rants. If you have any questions or comments, leave a voicemail (720)440-1080 or email

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A guy who likes to camp and hike.
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One Response to ITF005: Estes Park Campgrounds, Sun Shower, Tent VS Popup VS Hybrid camping

  1. Hi Chris,

    I have listened to several of your podcasts and like you style – low key and informative. I am interested in having you review the Deluxe Camp Sink. You can see a description and video at my website. How many downloads to you get on your podcasts?


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